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One down, two to go.

Finished with the programming class tonight:
The final was funny. They should fire the idiot who wrote it (not my prof) for making so many mistakes in it. Though, they should fire my prof, too. Even if she was the nicest to me and asked me things about the class all the time.
The hilarious thing is that I came up to her with one of the test questions, saying that none of the answers are right, because the code would produce an error, and she actually let me play around with her computer/compiler to test out different stuff, during the final! without actually knowing what the fsck I was doing!

Anycase.. I found out the dumbest thing about VB tonight.. Did you know that declaring an array like such: 'Dim myArray(5) As ... ' actually puts 6 (SIX!!!) elements into it?!? must die!!!
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