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last cigarette: About a month ago.
last car ride: Hm.... last sunday? maybe...
last kiss: On the lips? way too long ago
last good cry: I'm not sure about good cries, but felt like it about 2 days ago.
last library book checked out: LOTR, never finished it. sorry amu =)
last movie seen: X2
last book read: Re-read one of my russian sci-fi flicks. I don't have any good new books. please please please check out my amazon wishlist ;)
last cuss word uttered: I don't really utter curses.
last beverage drank: Ginger Tea
last food consumed: Horrible Philadelphia Roll (horrible isn't a part of its name! lol.. it was just really bad and rubbery)
last crush: crush crush crush.. i actually haven't crushed in a while.
last phone call: my mother. called her tonight after my programming final to say how stupid my prof is (i'll have a separate post about it ;)
last tv show watched: no clue. i don't watch tv shows.
last time showered: Last night.
last cd played: don't listen to cds.. lol
last item bought: a texas instruments scientific calculator
last downloaded: stupid question. i constantly download things. last thing was my vb project files to my class computer so i could show them to my prof. last big thing was CD 1 of MSVS .NET
last annoyance: the bus driver who head his mic/speaker on through the whole ride and was talking to some moron.. so the whole bus heard it.
last disappointment: me.
last soda drank: don't drink soda.
last key used: to my apt, 10 min ago.
last words spoken: "spokoinoi nochi"
last sleep: last night.
last im: "ok" to my mother.
last sexual fantasy: does undressing someone with your eyes just to see how similar they are to one of your ex's, without actual sexual interest, count?
last weird encounter: the bus driver. he was weird. actually.. everyone is weird.
last ice cream eaten: about a month ago, fried ice cream in a japanese restaurant
last time wanting to die: about 3 years ago
last time in love: right now
last time hugged: a week or two ago
last time scolded: no clue
last time resentful: past life
last chair sat in: chair chair, or a seat? school or bus..
last lipstick used: is that similar to last kiss? :)
last underwear worn: boxer-briefs
last bra worn: sometime in the future.. they like doing it at binghamton :)
last shirt worn: blue office shirt
last time dancing: years ago :)
last webpage visited: can i lie and just give a good page? ok, i will anyway :)
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