Valera (valera) wrote,

What does this look like, Boris?

A few months ago I got very much into the mood of finding one of my ex's. But not just any ex; I wanted to find the one. That is, the one I 'lost' my virginity to.

Some of you may remember my post where I said that 'you never forget your first'. That's what I thought at that time. And I think it may still hold true, but only as far as 'not forgetting' goes.

I did find her. I still think that she's a beautiful girl (photo). We talked for a day or two about this and that, decided that we were gonna grab a coffee together sometime. And that's all. She's still on my buddy list, but we don't talk anymore. There's absolutely nothing to talk about. Well, there probably are things, but no desire.

In that sense, she may as well be forgotten. I'm glad that I was able to find her and see for myself that memories are just that, and that reality is quite different.
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