Valera (valera) wrote,

gender study

NOTE: post had been edited to reflect very good suggestions from ksledge and inhumandecency. thank you guys!

I wanted to do a survey for this, but couldn't decide on how to properly make it. So i'll just ask the question straight out.

this survey question is meant to show the differences in numbers of physical attractions between males and females.

question: how many people(ratio-wise: if you live in a small town and only see 20 people a day, the ratio may be 3 out of 20. if you live in a large city, it may be 50 out of a few hundred. you don't have to be 100% precice.) out of the number of people you see on any given day are you generally really physically attracted* to? you're not limited to listing only people you know personally. you can list people you're really physically attracted* to when you're outside, on the bus, train, whatever.

* really physically attracted to: if you were single, looking for a relationship, and had the guts to, you'd come up to this person and talk to them/flirt with them/ask them out. or, if you don't base things solely on looks and are skeptical of the possibilities, you thinking something along the lines of "mmm... he/she's looks good!" is enough.

please list for the record your gender, sexual orientation, current relationship status (single & looking, single and not looking, dating, long-term relationship, etc.) age, location, and anything else you may find important to list.

what i'm trying to illustrate here is that guys are usually physically attracted to every other girl. this attraction doesn't have to manifest itself as anything, but we are definitely aware of it. girls on the other hand are usually physically attracted to a rather limited amount of guys.

please tell your friends about this post. i want to get as many responses as possible.

truly yours,
the local shrink.
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