Valera (valera) wrote,

today's events:

2nd and last day of microsoft .NET introduction seminar: 2nd instructor sucked.. they picked the most idiotically boring guy possible to give the technical side of .NET. he kept saying shit like "ISN'T THIS GREAT?!? DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT NOW?! THIS IS JUST SO FANTASTIC!! I LOVE IT!!!"
seriously, there are a lot of very neat things about .NET.. But that's from what these guys were showing. I'd need to get it and play around to see how it really is.
I have a horrible gut feeling that centralizing everything is just very bad. it takes all variation out.., it gives all system-level OS control to microsoft, without the ability to write programs that would go aruond it. it means that if microsoft, the one company that developed this whole thing, made a mistake or a bug in something, there is a very good chance that EVERYTHING developed on .NET would be critically fucked.

but enough of that. it's enough to say that the seminar was very educating and that i'm glad that i went.

more on today: there are those butterflies again. how cool is that?! i just hope i don't repeat the story of icarus...
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