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Now that we're back from Iraq.....

well well well
i haven't posted in a while (don't you think people overuse this fscking phrase?)

so, i figure brief my journal in what's going on, 15 min before i need to get out of the house, while i still haven't done shit (no pun, really) after waking up.

got XML class at microsoft today and tomorrow. that's why i'm getting out so friggin early. two hours earlier than i usually do.

and remember that hard-drive-begging post not too long ago? well, i bought one myself (and aren't we proud!). it's a 120 gig, 7200rpm WD drive, with an 8 meg buffer. pretty fun, eh? so far i only took a 60 gig partition from it for /home on my server.

and and and and...... there is a wery good chance (yes, i know it's "V"ery, shut up) that Amna will be coming down here for... longer than a week, sometime in the end of june! funtabulous! =))))

well, i'm gonna go/run and brush my teeth, i don't want bill gates being pissed off at me for being late to his fucking xml class. later folks.

oh yea, how ya like my new icon? :D
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