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stupid bitch!

ok, this is really the biggest bullshit possible!
just got the test back for the visual basic class. guess fucking what.. this bitch says she made the test from the book. supposedly (i haven't looked at the book, i don't give a fuck whose mistake it is, hers or the book's) the book says that something is one way, when it's obviosly the other (for those of you who code, the question asked whether a number of arguments passed to a function must equal the number of parameters in that function. the answer is obviously false.) so i put down false. she marks my answer wrong. i show her that my answer is actually correct, and guess what she fucking tells me.. she tells me that yeah, ok, she agrees with me, but since the book says that it's otherwise and that i must answer the questions in the "context of the book", i should have know that that the proper answer for the question on this text would be the other one.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!? so you're telling me that when you and/or your fucking book is wrong and i'm right, and you know that i'm right, you're still gonna mark me wrong because this course is an underachieving piece of shit?!

ugh! i wish we could send this stupid bitch to iraq...

the world is dumber than you thought...
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