Valera (valera) wrote,

feeling sick as shit today
well, today isn't as bad as it was last night. i went to sleep just fine, around 1am, and as soon as i lay down, i felt extremely cold. well, it's better now.. but last night i couldn't do shit about it. i was shivering like i was naked, outside in the snow with 0 degree weather. except i was in my bed, under 5 blankets, clothed, and with the heater on. and, and i had a splitting headache.

i'm not feeling as cold today, but the headache hasn't gotten any better.

ughhhh, i'm falling apart!!!

oh yeah, i wanted to post about this yesterday.. but for whatever reason i forgot. and the aforementioned crap brings up a good reason to do it right now.

for those of you who know me personally- if i died, what would you write in my obituary? (i'm not planning on dying, lol. just curious)
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