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Part 1:
Idiots should be prohibited from doing "good deeds". Imagine one being your friend and cooking you a meal out of dog food, because "it" heard from the commercial how much everyone loves it! The worst kind are those who do not see the harm which they have done once you explain the situation to them because it did not kill you. Those only see that they had good intentions and that is all that matters to them. It is they who will set you on fire next time, only caring about making you warmer in the winter.

Part 2:
Thank you to all those people who have stepped on me in the past and will do so in the future. These people are teaching me invaluable lessons on how to climb over obstacles and make your enemies suffer. Thank you; because there will come a time when I will step on you and teach you that not all teachers are loved in the end.

Part 3:
I have discovered another road on the path to insanity. When those whom you trust most betray you, your options become very limited.
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