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bums are weird

was riding the train from school tonight and one of them walked in
at first, i wasn't sure if he was a bum or not cause even though he looked & smelled like one, he wasn't asking for shit. he just started complimenting everyone, saying shit like "oh, you two look like you're together. you look so cute together. oh man, she's all over you!", "you have pretty hair, you have a fine day today?", etc.

i'm sitting there, munching on some snacks. he walks over, tells me that i look good in black, asks me if i'm hungry (no, i'm just eating cause i have nothing better to do!,) says that i probably can't wait to get home and eat. (wtf?)

he continues down the train car giving out compliments. when he gets to its end, he starts his shit. says that he's homeless and hungry, etc. but unlike regular bums, this fucker comes over to EVERYONE and bugs them. comes over to people that are sleeping and tells them to wake up and give him money!

anyway. gets to me, asks me if i have a quarter or a dime for him. i shake my head. he says that he wants to buy a snack like the one i have. i of course thought of this before and figured what his response would be, but i still offer him the snack that i'm having (it's a bag of mixed nuts and chips). guess what this fucker says! .. "Oh, i was just kiddin'. I can't chew anyway, see?" and shows me his teeth. i didn't really look at them.. didn't care to.

this isn't the first time i've witnessed something like this. one time a girl offered a bum her sandwich (fresh, wrapped), and he said no.

'tis for you peace hippies to think about next time you decide to share your love =)
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