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was playing Counter Strike. a guy called me a jew and cursed me out (to those of you who know what i'm talking about, i 'nearly' spawned him. he was taking his time running for cover.)

it's not the first time this sort of thing happens.

are jews really in the stereotype for being the worst cheating bastards possible? from being jewish myself and from having various jewish acquaintances i know/think that this is extremely far from being true. (i'm not speaking about extremely religious orthodox jews.. i don't know much of them, but what i do know-i don't like much).

but that's really besides the point. this is just a stereotype. it in no way speaks for the whole race/ethnicity. with such a generalization i could call 90% of the world stupid poles (no offense to my polish friends! 'tis just an example.), because that's what the world's stereotype is.

also, i've nothing against silly name calling. sometimes it can be funny, whatever. but to use a racial slur against someone who isn't of that race (he had no way of knowing that i'm actually jewish,) is pure stupidity.

it doesn't anger me. just makes me upset-that our world is still full of feeble-minded savages. will it ever change?
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