Valera (valera) wrote,

there is a new trend amongst american(?) youth to inform everyone of all the disorders they have. seems to be a very cool thing.

this girl writes the following in her profile:
My Phobias
Agraphobia- fear of sexual abuse
Androphobia- fear of men
Arachnephobia- fear of spiders
Athazagoraphobia- fear of being forgotten, ignored, or forgetting
Autophobia- fear of being alone or of oneself
Clinophobia- fear of going to bed
Decidophobia- fear of making decisions
Mnemophobia- fear of memories
Oneirophobia- fear of dreams
Ophthalmophobia- fear of being stared at
Phasmophobia- fear of ghosts
Psychophobia- fear of mind
Scriptophobia- fear of writing in public
Somniphobia- fear of sleep
Virginitiphobia- fear of rape

another piece of advice in her profile: *dont_ever_judge_me*

i'm just bringing her up as an example because she is the last one to get on my nerves, but there are thousands of kids just like her, copying each other word for word. is this some kind of a government sponsored fucking movement?
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