Valera (valera) wrote,

dreams are illusions without drugs

had a weird dream

something about me going back to my catholic middle school to take a computer course. a young guy at the entrance stopping me and saying something about him not knowing that i have this course and that he needs to check it. so he supposedly takes me along with him to check it, but instead we go to the computer course anyway.

there are very old computers at the course, and i tell him that it's the easy stuff cause i did all of this before. and he says "but hey, at least the girls are good in this class". i look over at the other side of the class room and there really are pretty girls there.

at that moment i realize that i just have to blow my nose, so i excuse myself to the bathroom. it's not far.. when i get there i blow my nose, but as i'm walking out i realize that somehow this place turned from being a bathroom into some bath house, and that i don't have my clothes on because apparently i left them in a locker room of sorts that's at the entrance of this bath house.

i put on my clothes and start walking out, but notice that the clothes that i'm wearing are actually not mine. so i go back thinking that i must have just missed my clothes and put on someone else's. except.. my clothes are nowhere to be found.

i get out of this bath house and see that now it's a few blocks away from the school. there is a cop standing across the street, so i come up to him and tell him that someone stole my clothes in the bath house. he's acting like this whole place (the street, the bath house) is still a part of the school, and tells me that this sort of stuff happens. he tells me that if they don't find the culprits by the end of the week, somehow they'll return all the stuff to me, or pay me for it. this is when i realize that i had all my credit cards, etc. in my jeans, so i sorta start panicking.

i go back to the bath house.. find my jacket on the floor.. everything sorta gets confusing...

and i wake up
realizing that i overslept by an hour and that i need to go to work =)

Not a random word from this post: catholic
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