Valera (valera) wrote,

Being an adult = Dealing with children.

They're having a baby shower for one of the secretaries in our bureau.

Now, I don't really like this woman. She has an annoying son (about 10) who she drags to work all the time, just because. This kid comes over to our (Mine and Aree's) work area and starts touching everything. He already broke a few of Aree's things. The child that she's having, as far as I heard, is from an affair with a guy from another bureau. Not that this makes her a bad person... But yeah, the whole point is that I don't like her.

But... they sent an email to everyone in our bureau (excluding her), asking for either $15 for a gift and party or $5 for just a gift.

Should I spend the money? I'm definitely not going to the shower. I've gone to office parties before. Horrible, boring events. So the question is whether I should spend $5 on someone I couldn't care less about. Not that it's a lot of money, but it's a different thing every day. If I don't spend the money, she'll probably just think that I'm cheap.

What would you do?
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