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The bus was very late today. Usually during rush hour, they come every 10-20 min. Today I stood on the line for about 40 min, with the line in front of me being another 20 min. worth.

At some point the guy behind me gets on his cell and starts talking to someone. This is what I caught from the convo:

- It's not moving!
- What's not moving...?
- The line... the bus... it's not moving. I don't know if there is a delay or what!

I'm probably missing much of it.. but this... lol. People's idiocy is truly amazing.
Well, of course it's not moving! It's not a line at the cafeteria where you pick up your mashed potatoes and go sit at a table. Here you actually have to wait for the bus to come!
And of course there is a fucking delay! If it's not here on time - it's delayed! He probably thought that a delay is when they officially announce it.

heh, one guy somewhere in the beginning of the line must have been very tired. he figured that standing was pointless and just spread out on the floor like a bum.
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