Valera (valera) wrote,


both classes went fine.

the math teacher is an elderly (i don't know... 60?) lady. very good at explaining concepts. she was worried through most of the lesson about people being in the wrong class. mostly, whether it wasn't advanced enough for them. there was one guy who finished pre-calc, and somehow wound up in this class. otherwise, even people who said that they already took this stuff needed the review. i needed the review as well. it's nothing new for me, but i've forgotten a lot over the years.

then, the psychology teacher turned out to be a cute young italian (i think) girl. she looks like she's about 22-24. though, at the moment, she's studying for her Ph.D in psychology.. so i may be wrong about her age. very talkative. it really felt like her mouth never closed for a second. it was her birthday a few days ago, so there was a bag of chocolate candy going around the room through the whole lesson, and people kept making jokes about it.

the most tiring thing was/is the commute. since i travel at non-rush-hour times, there is no express bus. so, from college, it takes me about half an hour to get to the bus station by train. and then about 50 minutes on the bus to get home. (with a little wait in-between). that's why i'm kinda sleepy/tired right now.

but... i'm going out in about an hour. going to brooklyn with joe to hang out with devora. probably catch a movie and get some kosher food (dev only eats kosher..)
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