Valera (valera) wrote,

This is where I live and the walk-path I take everyday (or almost everyday) just to stroll around here and get some fresh air. So that's what I was doing today, and while I was walking between P1 and P2 a minivan pulled out from the driveway of the house at P1, drove past me and stopped at P2, where a school bus has just pulled up. When I got to P2, a minute later, a woman of some 30-35 y.o. picked up her ~6 y.o. daughter, got back into her minivan and proceeded to drive around the block and back to her house. That's instead of walking ~200 meters up the road. And I mean, she wasn't fat or disabled or anything, and the kid was able to walk normally. I just... can't for the life of me figure out why someone would drive such a short distance on a beautiful day. They weren't in a rush anywhere either, the kids were playing in the yard when I saw them 2 minutes later.
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