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IRC, losers trying to hire me to steal bank accounts for them

[00:49] <vietstar> barack obama
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[00:50] <vietstar> are a russian national
[00:50] <Barack_Obama> i don't have a russian citizenship, no
[00:54] <vietstar> so what is ur. profession
[00:54] <vietstar> where do u. live in..
[00:57] <Barack_Obama> i'm a computer specialist, in US
[00:57] <vietstar> ohh i see.. that's good
[00:58] <vietstar> iam a guy from vietnam
[00:58] <vietstar> i control fraud
[00:59] <Barack_Obama> are you a cop?
[01:01] <vietstar> ohh no
[01:01] <vietstar> iam a carder
[01:01] <vietstar> i control deals
[01:01] <vietstar> don't u. see my name
[01:02] <vietstar> vietstar
[01:03] <Barack_Obama> carder.. as in, card games?
[01:04] <vietstar> noo
[01:04] <vietstar> a hackers
[01:04] <vietstar> a hacker
[01:04] <vietstar> but i don't hack
[01:04] <vietstar> i use the information
[01:05] <vietstar> to make money cash out..
[01:06] <Barack_Obama> so you need hackers to do work for you?
[01:06] <vietstar> what i need.. is the info ,... man..
[01:06] <vietstar> yes..
[01:06] <vietstar> like to get me,. bank loggins
[01:06] <Barack_Obama> and have you found anyone yet?
[01:06] <vietstar> noo
[01:06] <vietstar> all are thief
[01:07] <vietstar> criminal
[01:07] <vietstar> lies..
[01:07] <Barack_Obama> and you want them to be truthful
[01:07] <Barack_Obama> but you're a criminal?
[01:07] <vietstar> yes.. i need some one who is truthfull and serious
[01:08] <vietstar> b/c this is a deal that gives a lot of money,..
[01:08] <Barack_Obama> what do you do with these bank accounts?
[01:08] <vietstar> and iam ready for that.. i don't care any dam <censored>..
[01:09] <vietstar> we make bank transfers
[01:09] <vietstar> ohh u.. don't know about frauding
[01:09] <Barack_Obama> so you take someone's money and move it to your own account?
[01:09] <vietstar> ohh man
[01:10] <vietstar> why are ui. asking questions
[01:10] <vietstar> as a kid
[01:10] <Barack_Obama> i'd like to know what's being offered to me
[01:10] <vietstar> who does not know about frauding
[01:10] <vietstar> ohh..
[01:10] <vietstar> let me. ask u..
[01:11] <vietstar> what has been the riskes thing u. have don..
[01:11] <vietstar> have u. kill
[01:11] <Barack_Obama> i work with computers, not people
[01:11] <vietstar> have u.. been involve in drug traficing
[01:11] <vietstar> or charges of rapping
[01:12] <vietstar> man..
[01:12] <Barack_Obama> how is this related to hacking?
[01:12] <vietstar> b./c it;'s fruading
[01:13] <vietstar> see..u.. know what ever iam trying to say..
[01:13] <Barack_Obama> as i said, i work with computers, not people. i'd like to know what you do. do you kill people? rape? take money from their bank accounts and move it to yours?
[01:13] <vietstar> yes..
[01:13] <vietstar> bank transfer
[01:13] <vietstar> not killing people
[01:13] <Barack_Obama> how many times have you done this already?
[01:13] <vietstar> or any other things
[01:13] <vietstar> twice
[01:14] <Barack_Obama> and how much money have you gotten?
[01:14] <vietstar> 35k pounds
[01:14] <Barack_Obama> how did you get the accounts, did you hack yourself?
[01:15] <vietstar> noo
[01:15] <vietstar> some one like u..
[01:15] <vietstar> what
[01:15] <vietstar> i need is not bank account
[01:15] <vietstar> what i need is.. bank loggin
[01:15] <vietstar> for interneting bankingh..
[01:15] <vietstar> so man if u. can provide this we make the deal.
[01:16] <vietstar> no talking too much
[01:17] <Barack_Obama> but you said you already made 35K on this. how did you do it if you don't hack yourself?
[01:17] <vietstar> i got the information from hackers
[01:18] <vietstar> and make the transfer
[01:18] <vietstar> by my self
[01:18] <vietstar> all i need is just bank account loggin ..
[01:18] <vietstar> than i will do the rest..
[01:19] <vietstar> lets not waste time
[01:19] <vietstar> if u. can get me.. ccv fullz and bank loggin that the deal is ours
[01:19] <vietstar> and the money is ours too..
[01:19] <vietstar> no need to talk like kids here ..
[01:20] <Barack_Obama> it's alright. i already have enough. we just need to contact your ISP now to find out who you are. expect a visit soon.
[01:21] <vietstar> <censored> u..
[01:21] <vietstar> go to hell
[01:21] <Barack_Obama> you're going to hell now, criminal
[01:21] <vietstar> let god purnish u..
[01:21] <vietstar> go to helll
[01:21] <Barack_Obama> we should have you in a week
[01:21] <vietstar> god purnish u..
[01:22] <vietstar> u. are an idiot
[01:22] <Barack_Obama> no sense running
[01:22] <vietstar> do u. think u. have my write ip
[01:22] <vietstar> <censored> u..
[01:22] <vietstar> iam not even visible,,,,,
[01:22] <Barack_Obama> AOL has your IP, don't worry
[01:22] No such nick/channel
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