Valera (valera) wrote,

If abstinence only education applied to things other than just sex ed.

Sorry I've been missing for so long. I had a summer job at Bear Stearns where I wasn't able to post anything on LJ. And outside of work, whenever I came home (usually late) I had other things to do.
But for those interested and not in the know, here are some updates :). I'm now [married]. We also went on our [honeymoon to miami]. We bought Lera (my wife) a bike, but after a few weeks she punctured one of her tires. I fixed it, but either not very well or there's another problem, because it deflated again. We found an apartment in Long Island, about 20-25 min away from my uiversity (somewhat far), but only a block away from the beach :). We're moving in at the end of this week. Oh, and two of my best friends got married too. I guess it's time... :)
Tags: bikes, lera, photographs, этапы жизни
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